About Us - Black iD

Who Are We

With the changing times, we have seen a great development of the web as a whole. With its initial approach as an information sharing platform during its early days, web has grown to a complex system to do virtually any thing your mind permits. Through this time, Black iD has kept a close watch on what is going-on on the Internet block and what is not. We have been on the watch to keep up with the changing times. Now, with a vast amount of experience and expertise backing us up, we are here to serve you.

Client Relationship AND SUPPORT

"It is all about the client!". Every employee in our organization is pledged to this oath and thus has become a part of the excellent customer service team that we have built to keep you happy through the times. Since last many years, we have been, on a small or large scale, developing applications - rather solutions for our clients. We have managed to have a happy bunch of clients around the globe. Be it UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, India or for that matter, any point on the globe, the team at Black iD Solutions treats the client as one of our biggest asset. We all value and respect you. We are more concerned to have to happy then have us paid and so working to client's satisfaction is our primary goal. Client satisfaction is widely found in our array of clients. Have a look at our testimonials, and you will find a list of happy clients.

Our Technical Expertise

Black iD Solutions has a team of professionals that are ready for any challenge you throw at us as far as the web is concerned. We are ready to take on all the challenges. We have worked on a large number of applications and client requirements. We have an array of developers who are experts in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) environment. We are here to cater to all your requirements as far as the web development is concerned. Some of the areas of expertise that we have are enlisted below…

Live Support

Not many companies are so confident on their work that they give live support to their clients. We at Black iD Solutions are so confident on the quality of services that we provide, that we are offering free live support to our clients. Complete satisfaction is something that we want in our clients, and what we struggle for.

We give our clients regular updates, and the projects are tracked real time using the excellent CRM we provide to our clients at http://my.blackidsolutions.com. Thanks to this, our clients are able to interact with the entire team fluently, and get the most regular updates on various tasks. This gives us an advantage over our competitors, and our clients the transparency that has apparently been lost in the industry.