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Google Encryption Begins With SSL Search Default Setting For Searches and Clicks Outbound

Google is well known for its upkeep with the changing requirements of millions of users. Now the search engine encryption is becoming a part of search security. If logged into via your secured web connections, the website you visit will not be part of referrer data with the SSL search. The announcement by Google says: The personalized search result and delivery of protected outcome is high priority. Customized experience for every search is being enhanced for the signed in users. More information on the specific changes will unravel as you read on further. The specifics important for a webmaster about SSL Secure Sockets Layer search are as follows: Sign up for SSL If you are on signed up with a secure connection, you will face the impact of change. As per the estimate single digit Google searchers may come across the modification. Secure connection will have a small lock icon rather than regular http:// website address. Mainly the SEO analytics or third party may not be able to […]

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Panda 2.5 Update – A New Twist in the SEO Tale

Panda updates have been making news for the seventh time now as new Google Panda 2.5 update was released on 28th September 2011. The news has been confirmed by the leader of search engines. Clear details about the possible websites and pages that will be affected are not provided as of now. Read along to find out more about the seventh edition of the Panda algorithm. Google like always, showed its commitment towards the users, with another attempt to provide its users with genuine search results. The approach was a success or not is yet to be determined. Roughly 500 changes have been applied to the previous version of Google Panda for deriving good search results. This time again the SEO masters wait with bated breath to know, how their efforts will be awarded or turn out to be a total waste with Google Panda 2.5. Quality of the links had been the concern for Google even in the past. Now the quality as well as quantity will matter. You […]

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